Dr. Karin Eichhorn-Thanhoffer

I am a Viennese by conviction and passion. I have lived here since I was born and have lived in six different districts over the years. Further out, further in, and even on both sides of the Danube. I have an annual pass for Vienna’s public transport, an allotment garden, a subscription to the Burgtheater and one to the Konzerthaus. I have a first and also a second favorite coffee house. My dog considers himself a regular in both.

One of my grandmothers was a concierge (that’s what they called it back then) in the 9th district and the other had a poultry store in the 8th. I went ice skating as a child on the Old Danube when the winters were really cold, and to the Punch and Judy show at the Urania theatre, which is still there today. I am in love with all the nuances of Viennese dialect, and when it comes to wine, I prefer to drink Gemischter Satz from Stammersdorf.

Vienna is my great love.

Streetcar delays, November fog and notoriously bad-tempered Viennese can’t change that.
Vienna is my home and I am happy to be your host here.