Vienna for breakfast

Breakfast at the coffee house is a Vienna classic. Whether with Melange and Kipferl, egg in a glass and bread with butter and chives or Sachertorte – always delicious and a wonderful way to start your day in Vienna.

My suggestion: we choose a coffee house together, at breakfast I already tell you about the city. Afterwards, we’ll take a tour of the area and I’ll show you what there is to see.

We will be happy to arrange topics of particular interest to you in advance. This tour is a comfortable entry point for further exploration and ventures.

Tour info:

Start: meeting point at the coffee house by appointment
End: Stephansplatz
Duration: approx. 60 – 75 minutes
Costs as in the current price list

Plus cost of breakfast

Coffee varieties
Strudel (with vanilla curd!)
Egg in a glass and other egg dishes
Appel juice Spritz

Soda lemon
How to call a Viennese waiter including gender issues

Vienna sitting

You’ve been walking around the city for days and your feet hurt? You are not good on your feed but would like to get to know Vienna better? It’s August and definitely too hot for a city walk? These are good reasons to take a look at Vienna from a sitting position.

Many places have cafes that also serve outside. We call these terraces in Vienna Schanigarten” and love to sit there for hours and let the world pass us by.

From a Schanigarten in a central Viennese square, I’ll be happy to tell you about the city, the area we’re in, and the buildings you can see from there. If you still have time, desire and energy afterwards, we’ll also do a little round and have a look at some things up close.

Tour info:

Start: meeting point in the agreed restaurant
Duration: depending on the program 60-75 minutes
Costs as in the current price list

Plus consumption